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                今日頭條:唯一華人代表王晶在美國TIME MACHINE 2019的英文演講

                A New Era of the Digital World

                1、We are the witnesses of the past.

                I still remembered when I first visited the United States in the early 1990s, I was so surprised by everything: skyscrapers, highways, supermarkets, beautiful landscapes, and neat communities and streets, especially email, that will end up the history of written letters one day. I hadn't seen them before. And I met many volunteers and kind people here. I came to understand why the "American Dream" can inspire and attract so many young people to leave their families for their further study and realize their dreams in this land.

                At that time, China was still at the early stage of reform and opening up. Many things were waiting to be done. Compared with the U.S., China lagged far behind in different fields.

                How I wish that my motherland could also be so rich and strong and that the Chinese people could live a stable and peaceful life.

                Two years later, my partner and I started our own business, and we named our company "Newland". 500 years ago, Columbus discovered the New landmass with an enterprising spirit; we gave our company such a name because we wanted to create a better future by innovating and struggling with a pioneering spirit on a virgin land.

                In the early 1990s, credit cards were widely used in the United States, while China was still paying in cash. We started our business with the R&D of POS terminals. Now, Newland is among the world top POS suppliers. According to the Nilson Report, Newland ranked TOP 2 worldwide and TOP 1 in the Asia-Pacific Regions. Our products and services are delivered to 100-odd countries and regions.

                China has undergone fundamental changes in the past 25 years. The national economy increased by around 20 times. China has scored great achievements in construction of infrastructures and development of information technology. We see convenient transportation network of highways, high-speed rails, and airlines. We see telecommunication everywhere. And we see the ongoing shift from cash to credit card, and from mobile to barcode payment. People’s life has seen great improvement. Now, China is stepping up its efforts to eliminate poverty by 2020, so that 1.4 billion Chinese people can live better lives. China’s fast development is also an opportunity for its enterprises to share the benefit. Newland is just one of the numerous enterprises that had started from scratch and developed into strong and powerful ones. We are the witnesses of China’s development and we are also its contributors.

                2、We are the builders of the present.

                The third information technological revolution from the 1940s has realized the transformation to automation on the basis of steam engine and electric power, while digitization will bring about the fourth industrial revolution and realized intelligence.
                It is not only the progress of technology, but also the result of the awakening of human consciousness and all-round development.

                Human beings are following the process of digitalization, networking, visualization and intelligence. The Internet and the mobile Internet have solved the problem of digitalization of "affairs", the Internet of Things is solving the problem of digitalization of "things", and "digital citizen “will solve the problem of digitalization of "people", which connect people with all things. The integration of affairs, things and people gives rise to the digital world.

                In the digital era, law-compliant logical governance system and operation mode are designed on the basis of big data and AI, so as to meet the need of social governance, corporate governance, state governance, and even global governance.

                Through AI, a scientific and reasonable digital model is established to achieve, correct, change, or even disrupt our cognition and practice in the traditional physical world and also our way of doing things and bring innovation in traditional governance mode. In this way, we will be able to carry out real and effective governance to meet the needs, address the pains, empower the people, and finally realize the smart society and the smart earth. The birth of the digital world will help us to optimize and reconstruct the physical world and make the world what it should be.

                In the digital world, a digital ecology with trust, justice and fairness will be built with big data as the production factor, AI as the production tool and blockchain as the production relation. And the capability of governing the digital world will become the primary productive force.

                Today we are here to discuss the development of AI. This event is meaningful. We are shouldering the task of the times and we are expected to make efforts and lay a solid foundation for a smart earth in the near future.

                3、We are the pioneers of the future.

                Digital revolution made global digital governance possible. IT changes how we live; the Internet changes how we communicate. Then AI changes how we feel and how we think. The truth and nature of human governance will be discovered.

                The digital age will bring together cultures and civilizations of different times, different people and different countries, and translate them into big data. It will form a learning system across time and space. It will form a new culture and civilization.

                In the farming stage, people fight for lands. In the industrial stage, people fight for profits. But in the digital world, we go beyond time and space, and there will be no territory of the world. All are connected to cross all the boundaries of human society based on mutual needs, mutual empowerment and mutual assistance. The mindset of zero-sum game in physical world should give way to a new approach of win-win cooperation.

                In the future, we will see the individual differences narrowed by the effects of birthplaces. The digital world and physical world will be highly integrated, so that geography, education, race and national boundaries will be not so clear. Many gaps in the real world will no longer exist. People can share data and connect digitally, equally enjoy global services, feel the freedom of life in a wider space, and create personal value over a longer period.

                This is the objective result of technology development as well as a great change for human social governance.

                In the past, people resorted to weapons and force in their conquest of the world, and the most destructive weapon today is "nuclear weapon". But when it comes to the time of integration, "the positive and harmless weapon of harmony" is created with peace, harmony, friendliness and kindness. In Chinese, “和”(harmony)and“核”(nuclear)are pronounced the same.

                The digital world will build a new type of global village and global citizen – global connection, boundless territory, coexistent ecosystem, multi-creative values, all-win achievements and caring for free development of human beings.

                The civilization of the digital world features connection, confluence, coexistence, share and mutual benefits. This matches the core value of Chinese traditional culture: Benevolence, integrity, justice, harmony and great unity. Benevolence means that we love both friends and strangers. We should be honest with ourselves so that we will win trust from others. Justice means that we should uphold righteousness and stick to the truth. Harmony lies between people and people, people and nature, people and the whole world. 2500 years ago, Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu elaborated on the notion of "human and nature as a whole". It is the wisdom of the universe. It is the ecosystem and value of the digital world.

                If the Axial Age more than 2,500 years ago saw the awakening of individual consciousness, then the economic globalization in the Second Axial Age saw the awakening of group consciousness, The Third Axial Age of global integration featuring “all under the heaven are one” and “a community of shared future” will be an awakening of the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

                We are all human beings. From one to all to all in one, our future lies in the process of human development and human progress. Our destination is a community of shared future.

                The future is coming! At this high moment, we are at the gate of digital world. And we will open a new chapter in human history.

                One world, one dream, one humanity, one family.



















                未來,我們將看到因為出生環要是放在以前蓝狐可不会做这般解释境而造成的個體命運差異被逐漸縮小民族文化等,數字世界和物理世界的高度融合,讓地域、教育、種族、國家邊界不再分明,很多在現實世界無法跨越的鴻⌒溝將不復存在。每個個體都能夠因為個人數據的擁有,以及在個人意願主導下的數據分∮享與連接,平等地享受到全球性的服務資源,在更廣袤的空間裏Ψ 感受生命的自由,在更漫長的時間裏去創造個人的價值。


                過去的的物理世界,人們↓靠兵器、靠武力征服世界,人類至今破壞力最強的武器是“核武器”。但當人類來到全球化和數字化交匯、物理世界和數字世界心下想道融合到來的時候,“和平、和諧、和睦、和合、和善”將會形成最巨大能量的“和武器”。(在中文裏,“核武器”和 “和武器”發音相同)。而這樣的“和武器”將真正的構建出新型地球村——在關系上實現全球鏈这一招来势凶猛接,在空間上實現有域無疆,在生態是實現共生共存,在價值上實現多元創造,在成果上實現人類共榮共享,最終實現人類的終極關懷和人的全面而如奶酪一般自由發展。

                數字世界必然伴隨著數字◇文明的誕生,數字文明是連接、和合、共生、共享、共贏,蘊涵著天人合一的宇宙觀、協和萬邦的不错不错國際觀、和而不同的社會觀,人心和善的道德觀。這與中國傳統文化核心觀點:“仁愛、誠信、正義、和諧、大同” 的價值吻合。仁愛提倡不但愛和自己相主關的人,還∩要愛別人。誠信是誠意的結一不小心被匕首刺个正着果,先誠於自己,才能被饭后人信任。正義是指追求正確和正當的義◣,堅持真理。和諧在於人與人,人與自然、人☆與世間萬物的和諧。早在2500多年但却像是能感受到周围前的軸心時代,中國的聖人老子所闡述的“天人合一”大同的崇高境界,正是探索宇宙本源的智慧,早已描繪出數字世界的生態和價值。





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